Monday, October 8, 2012

The Unwanted Comparison

It is not new for the Government to  shield itself behind excuses of laughable nature so as to avoid disturbing questions on its failures. It is a known fact that the country lacks proper sanitation which can be one of the reasons attributed to the spreading of some diseases. But there can not be a satisfying answer if someone pulls up the Govt towards the inordinate delay in providing adequate toilet facilities even after 65 years of attaining independence! In fact Mr Bill Gates recently came forward to help those village dwellers who are left to remain backward by the various Governments of the past. While many things such as Mobile phones are extended to the villagers in the name of uplifting their lifestyle, very little has been done towards Hygiene  In other words, rural India is allowed to think about Mobile phones rather than the need for Toilets.

To make up the failure to meet the Rural needs, the Government comfortably takes shelter under irrelevant comparisons and try to divert the issue to be in the good books of the bosses. It is now the turn of the Central Minister saying that there are more Temples than toilets (vide Times of India dt 8th October,2012). This controversial statement has sparked off debate and invited criticism from Political parties and followers of the religion.

Can the Minister explain the Nation what prevented the Govts to  provide basic amenities to all villages for more than six decades? Can he vouch for good Hygiene in all the Urban areas which threatened at times with Dengue, Malaria and Cholera? Why is the dirty drainage overflowing at many places in the cities? What concrete steps have been taken for eradicating mosquitoes ? He must be aware of the huge piling up of garbages in the cities and burning them in open that causes breathing problems. Let him first prevent the entry of Industrial wastes into the rivers totally before trying to be evasive. Does the Government bother about the massive removal of sand from rivers for construction purposes? Why is that it remains silent when rocks are blasted to pave way for the rich to make more money. The Minister should try to stop indiscipline among various quarters instead of making statements taking for granted that it would not invite public ire.

Municipal bodies simply take over the land adjacent to places of worship and build Toilets. Due to horrible upkeep of the Toilets, people are left to use the surrounding area as open Toilets. It is also evident in places around Bus stations  and Train Terminals and people are allowed to move amidst the filthy places!!

Nowadays it has become a fashion among Politicians to unnecessarily tease the majority community in matters which are totally unconnected with religion. The comparison between the number of Temples and the number of Toilets in the country is deplorable. History has been proving time and again that such remarks can arise only from the Politicians to hide their inefficiency under the carpet. Faith to worship can not be compared with rural practices. Let the Govt solve it if it has the ability. Let them learn to respect  all religions equally and refrain from making irresponsible statements.

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