Thursday, February 7, 2013

Disciplined Approach

Whenever a Popular person does something good or bad , there are thousands to follow him. If he tosses up a cigarette and catches it right at his mouth, it carries a "stylish" tag among his admirers and people may even attempt to do the act, claiming that they do it without a single failed attempt and aim to repeat it for winning a guineas record. Many of us have seen youngsters repeating the bike rides shown on TV ads with the front wheel lifted up! Though there is a statutory warning in TV ads that these acts are carried out by experts and should never be attempted.these guys are shown stopping the bikes at the edge of a steep rock,beyond which is a deep valley. Imagine the fate of the person (may be one in a million) attempting to do it and inviting death or serious injury. Hence it is obvious that statutory warnings help very little. Writing about the danger on liquor bottles and cigarette boxes does not appear to draw the attention of those who fall prey to such habits.

Media coverage of harmful acts add fuel to the fire. Almost the entire Media is playing a double standard by writing/showing the hazards on one hand and inviting ads on the other hand. A Newspaper which joined to condemn the atrocities on women announced a contest recently on "Valentine Day" . It is known for publishing pictures taken on  the day every year. It should realise its responsibility to the society and refrain from encouraging youngsters in the path that may mislead them.

Religion is nothing but the one which guides to show the right path. People may interpret the word as they wish. In India , cricket is called a "religion" and a cricketer is called "God". If you raise your voice against such descriptions, you are labelled as a fundamentalist and an intolerant person. It is not known why a sport which makes the players as millionaires should be described as a religion. It may delight the viewers but does it serve the mankind?

There were times when an actor who did the roles of the mythological characters was deemed as God! When the film industry opened the gateways for advanced photography and enhanced Technology , it could  only help them in scenes that involved Horror& Romance leaving the value and the moral of the story far behind.  The messages that used to reach the people some thirty years back are no longer there. Perhaps they may also describe this as a great transformation and call it as a Religion that delights!

Then came the situation when controversial topics were chosen to remain different from others. People remained silent and will continue to do so as long as the tolerance limit is not breached. When the showman accuses the society and lashes at the faith of the people, he may imagine that he has the freedom to express his views.  The society rubbishes his views even when he says that the Gods we worship are nothing but stones. If he rubs salt to the injury, people loose their patience and start opposing his views. He is mistaken if he thinks that People do not exhibit tolerance and harmony. On the other hand he should maintain dignity and stand as an example for harmonious relationship. There is no point in blaming the public after causing irreparable damage to their belief.

There are many ways to help the World if a person is enjoying an image among his followers.  Unfortunately neither the media not the Political system is ready to make use of the benefit of being popular. The orientation towards money and evergreen greediness make them deviate from the noble path, unmindful of what happens to others. The  code of conduct is mandatory for anybody who approach the public in any form. Any violation to the path may irk the citizens on some day or the other and the price becomes very heavy. Discipline is underlined by all religions as of primary importance that adds value to life. It may otherwise be considered as a boundary that protects people from indulging in wrongful activities. Even the routine is prescribed by Shastras to engage the people well inside the boundary. Poking the nose into other's boundary tends to affect the unity in diversity. The need of the hour is to mind one's own business.