Friday, May 3, 2013

Manampadi Temple under threat

The demolition spree of the National Highways Authority of India seems to be unabated. In the name of widening the road between Vikravandi and Thanjavur (NH 45 C), it threatened the Temple at Panayapuram during last year. Though the Temple belongs to the Chola period and sung by Thirugnanasambandar some 1500 years ago in Thevaram Hymns, the NHAI turned a deaf year on requests made by the locals and other devotees to spare the Temple. It went ahead and  sent the surveyors to make marks which happened to be well within the Temple premises. This was an unbearable rude shock  not only for the devotees but also to those who love our rich Heritage. Thiruvathirayan Thiruvarut Sabha swung into action by registering an online complaint with NHAI and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's cell. It also wrote letters to HR&CE and the press about the need to halt the proposed demolition. CM's cell acknowledged the complaint and routed the same to the Chief engineer of the project,based in Thanjavur. The locals also met Villupuram Collector and pleaded for his intervention. God 's mercy has finally saved the Temple and the talks on the proposed demolition got faded.

This Highway passes through a tiny village called Manampadi near Cholapuram,between Thiruppanandal and Cholapuram. Sri Naganathaswami Temple at Manampadi was renovated by Rajendra Chola and it is known for its marvellous sculptures. Since the Temple is not far away from the road, the NHAI may be of the opinion to grab it without any difficulty.

Now it is time again for all devotees to raise up and protest the step taken by the dept. HR&CE dept of the Govt of Tamilnadu should lead the fight and save the Heritage structure. We have already lodged an online complaint to NHAI and request others to follow suit. The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister may use her good offices to impress the Central Govt to drop the proposal.