Friday, October 19, 2012

For Comments only

A fellow Blogger became upset recently on seeing someone copying the Photos without seeking permission. Even the watermarked Photos are not spared. As far as I know, no blogger refuses permission if somebody is keen in copying some photos publshed earlier. Blogs are normally written after spending many hours in gathering information and taking pictures in person. Naturally, the time and money involved should be appreciated and acknowledged before making use of the available information freely through internet. The basic courtesy is missing and it thus amounts to stealing.

I happened to go through a blog in which my earlier post was simply copied along with pictures and pasted without acknowledgement. The wrong doer apologised later after receiving my mail. It can be ignored if the act is done unintentionally. But such mischiefs are often carried out  with least regard for the original work.

It is with the good intention that we invite all suggestions and criticism under "comments" section of each post. Healthy criticism is required to correct the wrong views/errors and it will always help to know what others think. Although there is an option to receive comments with restriction by passing through the Moderator, we invite viewers to publish their comments freely about the post.
Few months back, a call Taxi operator had written in the comments section of my post, all about the Tariff for different types of cars he operated. It had nothing to comment about the post. Hence I had to delete it immediately with a message that the platform was not meant for commercial usage
Quite recently, the comments section received the web address of a  local Newspaper , inviting the viewers to browse the same. In this case also, it had no reference to my post. If people think they can get free publicity through the comments section of the blogs, they are mistaken. Such entries will be deleted instantly. Moreover, it becomes a strong case to make use of the other option by passing all comments through the Moderator. If people are treated with dignity and open mind, the recepients should reciprocate suitably to honour the Trust reposed by the blogger. There could be some Bloggers who will not allow this unnecessary interception  and take steps legally to contain the encroachment..


  1. Dear Sir,

    One way of discouraging /preventing such comments is to allow them only after moderation /approval. Please go to the Settings menu ---Posts and Comments---Comment moderation. Click the "Always" button and them Save the settings. Nobody will be able to post their advt. without your specific approval.

  2. We need a traffic police standing right below an automatic traffic signal to moderate us.... Many times I wonder why..... Its just that we are so self disciplined here.....