Sunday, December 14, 2014

Stupidity exposed

Manufacturing industries indulge in various ways to promote their products. They should always maintain dignity that brings fair name to the company while advertising their products through various media and exhibitions. Many such Industries try to force their products into the minds of the buyers by mostly sticking to the norms and standing by a level of decency. But there are players who exceed the limits and do it in a shabby way. They just do it by exhibiting models in an indecent manner to catch the attention of the people. Gone are those days when people went by advertisements alone. Now they are shrewd enough to analyse the product and compare it with similar players in the market. Knowing this fact, some companies of the west play a new trick by including the pictures of the Gods and Goddesses of the East,especially those of Hinduism.

As long as these advertisements do not insult the Religion, people are ready to look at it in a tolerant way. If the purpose is to make mockery of the religion , people will come out of their shells to protest the stupid attempt. This kind of sledging and bad advertising are going on for some years in many nations. A company of the west had printed the pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses on toilet covers some time ago. After receiving strong protests from Hindu Community, it was withdrawn and the company's apology was conveyed.

A newspaper report of this week has once again shocked the Hindu community all over the world. Pictures of Lord Shiva and other Gods were there in the gambling game introduced by a company at Espelkamp,Germany.  Are they not ashamed of doing this ? What do they know about the greatness of Lord Shiva? Do n't they know He is worshipped by millions of Hindus? What are they going to achieve by this attempt of tarnishing  Hinduism ? Do they know that Hindus never believed in criticising the other faiths of the World? Let them realise that India is one country where people live in diversity with brotherhood always in their minds and actions.

The mischievous action must be condemned by people of all faiths of the World. The company should abandon this practice and tender an unconditional apology to the Hindu community. We expect strong protests from all corners of the world so that no other company will redo it  in the same ugly way.  They may have disbelief but that does not give freedom for them to  hurt the feelings of the believers.That will indeed bring very bad reputation to the company. Let them not think they do it intelligently and differently. They only cross their limits and the stupidity is thus exposed.