Friday, August 7, 2009

Flexibility and Deviation

To define and derive anything connected to religion becomes subjective as the interpretations vary between various schools of thought. Each one tries to enforce his thought and expects others to accept it. This happens mostly when the religion shows flexibility. Only when there is freedom to choose among various ways of worship, the right to woship gets extended to offer the right to ask questions.Denying the right will expose the religion's limitations and lead to fundamentalism and intolerence. If the fundamentals are strong, any question can be answered in an healthy atmosphere that can help binding people together.

Let me explain further on the flexibility offered by the religion that may lead to deviation. Those were the days when marriages were held at young age. The advocates of early marriage were of the view that this arrangement would help the children discipline themselves at the ripe age and prevent them from deviating from the tradition.The arranged marriages at young age were believed to create long married life for the couple. It took a turn when people came to understand that some girls became widows at young age due to the unfortunate demise of their husbands. The Government had to intervene taking advantage of the flexibility and adaptability of the religion and framed the Hindu Marriages Act.

We should not forget the fact that flexibility gives a long rope and provides a platform for deviation as a result of which the role of the parents to arrange a suitable partner for their ward is shrinking.There are cases where the boys and girls select the life partner of their choice beyond the boundaries of caste and religion to the utter disappointment of their parents. Many families get divided because of the dissent shown and the departure from the customary practice. By saying this one should not interpret as if the freedom of selection is denied by parents. The parents being the wellwishers of their children should discuss in detail before arriving at a final decision. The open forum will provide transparency to the issue and invite suggestions from all quarters. This discussion , in fact is a healthy one instead of arguing on examples of those deserted from their parents landing into the trap of divorce.

Our ancestors firmly believed that the bond created after marriage was inseparable. Little amendments are always welcome as long as they remain within the framework of the religious principles.

It is we who have introduced unnecessary expenses in marriages. The bash includes costly invitation cards,marriage halls that charge Lakhs of rupees ,jewellary,reception,
presentation and so on. Tradition takes a back seat and unable to dominate over affordability. As a result, the prices of all essential items like vegetables,fruits and groceries take a giant leap during marriage days. Although the helpless in such situations, the concerned marriage parties can act together and bring some reforms by eliminating unwanted expenses. It is definitely a hard nut to crack but the solution lies in the hands of like minded people so that it checks the rising prices and help the downtrodden section indirectly and bring some relief in their lives.