Sunday, July 20, 2014

Flexibility Issue

It is certainly not an exaggeration if we say that Tolerance and Flexibility are the assets of Hinduism. It  gives complete freedom of worship, adapt various cults ,advocates various paths of Truth to attain salvation by offering numerous choices to choose from. But it is not fair to cross the flexibility limit. It may be argued that any such deviation is not meant to undermine the established values. Yet the deviation do happens although not with any intention to change the practices that are being followed for centuries.

In an attempt to show/exhibit the devotion to a particular person, imaginations reach the sky by comparing or equating that person with God or Goddess. No one denies the greatness of the person but the only question before us is how can he/she be viewed on par with the Gods. Let them even build Temples for their favourite Gurus separately and conduct pujas in their own way. They have the right to do that and at the same time they can refrain using the platforms set for the Gods traditionally.

A spiritual fair is conducted every year in Chennai to show case the services rendered by various organisations . Social service organisations take part in the fair and the areas covered are Health,Education, Charity, Farming, Go-shalas , Publications etc.

The floats from the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh attracted the visitors. The models of the Temples of Srisailam, Kaanipakkam etc  were exhibited on the floats. People were educated  towards the use of Technology in stalls that highlighted the services offered through internet.

The stall from Saradha Ashram of Ulundurpet deserved praise as it spoke volumes of the yeomen services carried out towards charity. Here came the flexibility issue. They had installed a model of a big Shivalingam at the entrance in which the figure of Swami Vivekananda was present in the Bhanam part of the Linga. They could have rather installed the Lingam and Swamiji separately instead of showing Vivekananda inside the Lingam. As a student of Ramakrishna Mission' s Vivekananda College I have great respect and regard for Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna and Sharada Devi. But the point is they should not be a part of a portrait of a Hindu God or Goddess . We do hope that people like Sharada Ashram take the message in the right spirit and continue their charitable activities.

One of the recent posts in Facebook showed a  Bhajan Bhagavathar singing a song sung in praise of other religion. It is true that it may be viewed in a secular spirit. But then the platform used was different and the venue was not meant to show the flexibility.

Let everyone be well within the framework of the traditional boundary and it is left to the individual to follow it religiously or not. Let him remember that the trespass into the other boundary will not help both parties involved. In fact it will dilute the principles of both of them and result into a confused state of mind.


  1. It is quite common to see Lingams being installed on the Samadhi of Smartha Saints. What is wrong? Off late Tamil shaivites feel that they are the only authentic Shaivites available like Bengal Vaishnavites. There is a group which says that many temples are powerful because of their respective Jivasamadhi of devotees. Gandhi sang Om Tat Sat Sri in his prayers which is continued by Sathya Sai Samithi too. How come nation is silent. Now you comment on a poor Bhagavathar singing a non hindu song. All our sects are based on stories. We cant say which is more older and authentic. So we are forced to take it based on our own whims and fancies and not on logic or truth. Erst while pontiff of Kanchi Mutt said Shiva has avatars. All were silent then. Now the same pontiff is considered as avatar of Shiva in line with the fallacy that Adi Shankaracharya is a mobile Dakshinamurthy belief. Ramakrisna mutt is saying that Vivekananda is also an avatar of Shiva for 100 yrs now.
    Sivacharyas are consecrating and performing daily worship at Shirdi Sai temples. They install Nandi as vahana for the Shirdi Sai deity. Who can ask questions to them?
    Bharathiyar warned that this type of confusions might creep in when communication becomes vivid however we lack strength to transcend these dogmas. Yo Deva Savita: Asmakam Diyo Dharmadhi Gochara: Prerayet!

    1. I think you have not understood the point raised here. Hindus allow deviations because they recognise holy men who are well above the normal human beings. This status is attained by the "Godmen"because of their "Tapas"But that does not mean they are on par with God. People get confused often and sometimes convinced due to the abnormal powers shown by the saints. Hence they assume that all such Holy men are Avtars of shiva. It is upto the wise to think and decide.

  2. Dear Sir

    I understand the pain you are feeling at how 'everything' is now being looked at from promoting commercial interests. They wont stand the test of time.

    If one reads Umapathy Sivachariar's explanation on Meykandar's treatise, we can get clear reasons on why this is happening and will happen. All the folks including the leaders of all the mutts (unfortunately no one contrary comes to my mind) are pursuing 'Boga Sivam' not 'Laya Sivam'

    I can also recollect how recently, a spiritual leader adored by masses passed away few quarters back who enjoyed lavish living style and medical experts tried their best to save him as long as they can. This indicates 'love for the perishable body' It would have been appropriate for the so called saint to have departed like Saint Ramana.

    But we have nothing to fear looking at the past if a small boy saint from Sirkazhi in a life span of 13 years demonished all those dominant false spiritual practices at that time and such practices were supported by the Kings at that time.

    Let us pray for a Sivapadahrudayar to redeem us

    Nama Shivaya