Friday, February 12, 2010

Is Anybody Listening ?

It makes my heart cry when I go through the anguish expressed by some bloggers about the atrocious and greedy people around us.An ardent devotee of Lord Arunachaleswara is concerned about the encroachments around the Holy Hill and attached photographs in his blog on how people are damaging the Hill for constructing houses and Ashrams(?) to meet their selfish needs.This is happening where lakhs of devotees(!) go round the Hill on Full moon day.Nobody is appeared to be bothered about the damage caused to the Hill,which is considered as Lord Shiva Himself. The dejected blogger has finally fixed a bane on those who are selfish in getting their desires fulfilled by keeping a blind eye on this burning issue.His outburst is understandable. Neither the Govt nor the people care about the encroachments. In the comment column of the blog I suggested to form a group called "Save Annamalai" and seek remedy from the District collector and the Court.

Regardless of many protests on the sandblasting of walls,some temples ignore the warning and go ahead with the cleaning process in the name of renovation,thereby destroying the inscriptions on the walls.Of late,the Govt is busy in nominating some rich temples to get ISO certification. Only God knows on how really the temple is going to be benefited by this move. Instead, the Govt can organise a committee of scholars to visit the temples that undergo renovation and guide them properly. As long as the certification is not going to help tracing and restoring the encroached properties and other income, it is of no use to go for it.Since the certification is content with limitations and simply go by the Manual created by the auditee, it serves no purpose other than keeping the temple clean.

Another matter of deep concern is the Govt's decision to create a "Sculpture Park" by pulling the historic hillock called Yanaimalai on the outskirts of Madurai.On hearing a petition ,the Learned Judges of the High Court have ordered restraint. This hill also houses an historic Narasimha Temple which is described in the sthala puranam of Madurai.It is needless to say that each ancient temple in the state can be considered as a monument which itself teaches all about sculptures.There is absolutely no need to create a new one,that too,by demolishing a monument,meant to be preserved. Many hillocks on Madurai- Thirupathur road have already been blasted almost totally and the rock cuts wait for their onward journey.The so called Environment activists are keeping blind eye on this burning issue.

Failure to address these issues will aggravate the already worsened situation.It is reported that many of the Archaeological sites/monuments are missing in the North.Should it happen in the South ?Let all groups and individuals unite and call for immediate solution.

Is anybody listening??


  1. Yes Sir. We should preserve our heritage values! i really support all your activities reg. this ,

  2. To institute a "Save Annamalai" movement is a wonderful idea.The District collector may be approached but nothing much can be expected by his move alone because of powerful political and other vested interests at play in such encroachment issues.A petition detailing specific grievances should be submitted to the district collector rquesting time bound action/progress.In case there is no response/reply within 3 months from the date of petition,information/status should be demanded under RTI Act.At appropriate stages,media should be involved to mobilise public opinion and force issues with the Authorities.Save Annamalai Forum should comprise well meaning and influential persons not only from Thiruvannamalai but also from entire Tamilnadu and preferably from other parts of the country as well.A relentless and concerted action from a committed group can always achieve the end with the blessing of Arunachaleswara.Let us make a beginning.